Membership Information

Becoming an OAME and QSLMA Member

Membership to the QSLMA Chapter is through our parent organization, the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education.

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Benefits of Membership

OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education) is a professional organization of math educators whose purpose is to help math teachers across the province gain access to professional development and teaching materials. Our provincial association is represented in every area of the province by local chapters.

OAME membership entitles you to:

-Automatic membership in a local chapter of your choice

-A reduction in registration fees at local conferences

-A copy of the ‘Gazette’ published quarterly offering you a wealth of current teaching ideas for both elementary and secondary educators

-A medium through which we have a strong voice with the Ministry of Education in shaping mathematics instruction in our province

-A voice in the process of refining mathematics education across the province

-Access to the OAME website and the websites of local chapters, through which new curriculum ideas and upcoming events are constantly displayed

-Participation and support of the OMO (Ontario Math Olympics), a yearly contest for grade 7 & 8 students across the province

-Be part of a large network of mathematics professionals teaching in our province

Your membership to QSLMA entitles you to:

-All benefits of a OAME membership -Receive access to QSLMA socials

-Access to QSLMA newsletters throughout the year -Funding for PD opportunities

​Your membership will support mathematics education by:

-Forming a province-wide organization linking leaders in the field of mathematics with beginning and experienced classroom teachers.

-Publishing a quarterly journal, The Ontario Mathematics Gazette.

-Providing a website, OAME for math educators, as well as a “members only” section for OAME members.

-Convening many conferences, including a leadership conference each November geared to educators in the mathematics community;

-A comprehensive province-wide mathematics conference each May for all interested in math education; and local workshops/conferences through fifteen OAME chapters.

-Providing voluntary consultation to the Ministry of Education and EQAO. publishing and

-Distributing resource documents to assist teachers in implementing the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. recognizing outstanding educators in mathematics annually.