Math Competitions

QSLMA sponsor’s various math competitions throughout the year.

For Grade 9/10 students, QSLMA and Bayridge Secondary School host the QSLMA Jr Math Competition every year in the spring.

For All High School Students, QSLMA and Regiopolis-Notre Dame host the Mathletes competition held both in the Fall and the spring.

If you would like QSLMA to sponser a math competition being held at your school. Please submit the QSLMA Sponsorship Form below. Sponsorship will be limited to $500 per member per school year.

The Sponsorship Committee represents a commitment on behalf of QSLMA and the chapter executive to support the growth of its members in mathematics knowledge and practice.

The Committee will meet these aims by:

QSLMA Sponsorship Funding Policy

Funding is available to sponsor QSLMA members in good standing.. In order to distribute funds as equitable as possible, the following guidelines will be followed:

Remember - QSLMA cannot give members permission to attend or run competitions during school hours.